The citrus fruits, the big enemies of your teeth

Every day, through our mouth, they pass a lot of foods that are very delicious for our palate, but in some cases can be the big enemies of your teeth. If you want to save more than one visit to your dentist – although you already know that it is advisable to go to a review at least once a year – take note of the foods that may be damaging your oral health.

Who are the big enemies of your teeth?

Ice who does not spend a long time after drinking a soda playing with ice cubes in their mouths? A custom that nothing benefits the health of our teeth. Biting the ice damages the enamel, generates decay, dental hypersensitivity and, in addition, can cause fracture of some of the pieces.

Nirvanas, lemons, limes and grapefruit. You get up in the morning, take an orange juice, and then brush your teeth to get on with your daily tasks. If so, we recommend that you wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth because, “with the brush we spread the acid from these fruits and we erode the teeth. Saliva neutralize the acidity or wait a while to carry out this action “. Something very similar happens also with isotonic drinks and carbonated soft drinks, which contribute to lower the pH of the mouth due to its acidity.

Foods with sugar. Both the one that is present in sweets and candies favors the proliferation of the bacteria that cause cavities.

Alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol is not the best ally to carry a healthy diet or to maintain good oral health. The reason? “It damages and irritates the oral mucosa and, above all, it is a risk factor, together with tobacco, of oral cancer”.

Food with coloring effect. And you wonder, what food is it? Coffee, black tea, ketchup, nuts with skin … and, although at first they are not a risk to our oral health, they can cause staining, so it is recommended to avoid their consumption after a whitening treatment.

Products with starch, and is that this substance, present in bread, pasta, crackers or chips bag, becomes food for bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Pegasus food. And they are dangerous for our teeth because, sometimes, they get stuck or stuck in our teeth. Solution: Brush your teeth thoroughly- here interdental brushes are recommended-and floss.

Extreme temperaments. Very hot soups or very cold water increase dental sensitivity, as they affect the nerve of the tooth or the dental pulp. So you know, from now on, neither one end nor the other, you decide for the tempered things.