The cold also affects your oral health

With the arrival of cold starts the season for flu and cold. Did you know that they can also affect your oral health? These are days when we have to pay special attention to our body … And also to our teeth and gums. How to take care of my smile during a cold?

When we fall ill, oral health is not usually one of our priorities. But during this time it is essential to take care of it with special attention. Colds and flu change the immune system of the body, and we are more exposed to some oral complications. Therefore neglect oral health when we have a cold is a serious mistake. So, how to maintain a healthy smile if I’m with the flu?

Keys to take care of your smile during the cold

There are several guidelines so that our smile does not suffer from the cold:

Stay hydrated. It is very important to avoid the development of xerostomia. The consumption of medicines against flu and cold promotes dry mouth. It also favors the development of caries. On the other hand it is essential to rinse the mouth with water or bicarbonate mixtures in case of vomiting. The acids attack the enamel and favor tooth erosion.

Avoid sugary products. In case of taking syrups, for example, it is advisable to take them without sugar. Some doctors can advise the consumption of energy drinks or isotonic, but it is not convenient to abuse because they are a great source of sugar. In this way we will avoid the development of dental caries.

Strengthen your oral hygiene routine. In periods of flu and colds, oral hygiene is more important than usual. For this reason, it is advisable to brush your teeth after each meal, as well as to promote oral hygiene routine. It is also important to let the brush dry in the open air and without being in contact with other hygiene tools, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. In no case should the toothbrush be shared with another person, because it is a source of contagion.

Renew your toothbrush. Some bacteria or viruses can remain on the toothbrush we used during the flu. Many experts recommend renewing the brush after passing the cold, to prevent the transmission of bacteria.

Following these simple guidelines you can maintain a healthy smile during the cold and you will not have to worry about your oral health. If you have any questions about oral health and colds, do not hesitate to go to our clinics without obligation.